Restocks+ An Overview of the Premium Features

Introducing Restock+ our new subscription to premium features which currently includes:


Advanced Autofill

Opt in for our real time autofill updates, which we fine tune every week. Turn off if you prefer to use the standard instant autofill instead.


Google Login:

Log in to a Google Account and reduce your chance of seeing a captcha during checkout. This feature now works for any store in the app.

Scroll to Bottom:

When you checkout on Supreme, the app will automatically scroll to the bottom of the page when you can submit your order.


Clock with Seconds:

This will add seconds to the clock display at the top of the screenm so you can time your page refreshes more accurately.



Quick Switch for Supreme:

This will allow you to switch your active autofill profiles without having to go back into the Profiles tab.

Simply tap the credit card icon in the bottom of the screen and you can switch between your profiles.
This feature now works for any store in the app



Current Restocks+ subscription prices are:

  • $4.99  for 30 days
  • $19.99 for 6 months ($3.33/mo)
  • $30.00 for 1 year ($2.50/mo)

Restocks+ can be purchased directly in the app, or directly on our website here

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