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Can I trust the buyers on the Restocks Marketplace?

We want to make selling as easy and safe as possible for our sellers. Funds will be collected from the buyer immediately upon purchase of an item, and we will hold these funds until the order is completed. We will require you to provide us and the buyer shipping with a tracking number, and when a buyer receives the item they will mark it as such. If the buyer reports a problem we will work with both you and the buyer to come to a resolution. If we find the buyer’s claim valid, we will pay for the item to be returned to you.


What can I sell on Restocks?

We’re launching the marketplace with only the most popular items found on Restocks, this includes streetwear and sneakers. If you are listing a pair of sneakers, they can be listed as Deadstock (brand new, unworn, with all original packaging) or New (brand new, unworn). If you are listing a piece of Streetwear, it can be listed as New (Unworn, unwashed with original tags) or Used. If you are listing a used item, you are required to accurately describe the condition. Any misrepresentations of condition could cause the seller to dispute their purchase. We feel this goes without saying, but we have a zero tolerance policy for replicas and fakes. Any seller found to be intentionally listing fake items will be banned from the Marketplace and the App


I can’t find my item while creating a listing, can I still sell it?

We’re launching the marketplace with only the most popular items found on Restocks, if you believe you have an item that should be included please send us a message and we will let you know if we approve your request.


I don’t see the exact color of my item, can I still sell it?

Yes! We did our best to find and name all variants of an item, but if you have one in a color not listed, you can create a new variant while listing your item. We may change the name you submit (Grey / Gray / Heathered Grey / Dark Grey etc.) but your listing be updated and remain active.


Why do I have to take photos with the code, why can't I upload photos instead?

The listing code helps us manage listings, and lets us and any potential buyers know that that you have the item in hand and ready to ship.


Can I list an item I bought on Restocks today?  

Right now we do not support listing items before you have them in hand. Please wait until you receive the item to list it. Listings that only contain order confirmations will be removed.


Who pays for shipping?

Sellers are responsible to covering shipping, so please take that into account when pricing your item. We require tracking, and recommend signature confirmation for more expensive items. 


I sold an item! Now what?

Congrats! You will receive a notification in the app when an item sells, and a card will appear on your seller dashboard. This card will have a ship by date as well as the buyer’s information. A thread will be opened up between you and the buyer so you can communicate with them. Please ship your item before the deadline, and enter the tracking number into the chat. When your buyer receives the item they will mark it as received.


When will I get paid?

Restocks works with Stripe to facilitate purchases made on the Restocks Marketplace, Stripe will process the buyer’s payment immediately and we will hold the funds while you ship the item.  

  • For your first 5 sales payment will be issued 1-2 business days after the buyer marks the order as complete.
  • After your 5th sale, payment will be issued 1-2 days after you mark the item as shipped. We require a card on file for all sellers who are paid after they ship.

Keep in mind funds may not be available for immediate withdrawal, the exact time for that depends on your financial institution. 


What are the fees for selling an item on the Restocks Marketplace?

We currently offer the lowest fees of any marketplace. The total fee taken is 9% of the total sale price. The total fee is broken down into two parts, a 6% commission and a 3% payment processing fee.


My item was delivered, but the buyer has not marked the order as complete.

Keep in mind it it likely that it is your buyer's first time purchasing an item from Restocks, and they may have not have read the buyer FAQ, so please send them a message reminding them to review the item. Buyers have a 2 day period to verify the authenticity and condition of the item, and are then sent an automated reminder to complete the sale.


Why was my listing removed?

Users can report listing they believe to be fake or miscategorized. Each report is reviewed and our team will decide whether or not to remove a listing. We also review listings on a regular basis to maintain the quality of the Marketplace. If you believe your listing was removed in error, please email and we will be happy to discuss further.


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