Introducing the Restocks Marketplace!

Introducing the Restocks marketplace


Restocks is on a mission to make finding and buying the things you love quick and simple. We started with Supreme, our Autofill and restock notifications let our users cop millions of dollars in Supreme each month. We quickly knew that we could make buying for more streetwear and sneaker brands just as quick and simple. Over the past year we have added over 100 additional stores, and each month more and more of you are searching, following and purchasing sneakers and other streetwear pieces from the app.


We are so excited to announce that we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from simplifying the buying process in Restocks and are launching the Restocks marketplace!

The Restocks marketplace is the fastest and easiest place to buy and sell Supreme, Sneakers and streetwear from other Restocks users. We’ve simplified every aspect of current marketplaces


10 second listings
You can list an item for sale on Restocks in 10 seconds, probably less if you type really quickly. We’ve done this by creating a database of the most popular items purchased with Restocks. When you start typing the name for your listing you will be able to select the product and variant immediately.


Tagged photos

Each listing has a unique code that is required to be shown in every photo. This seems simple, but it’s an extremely effective way to deter deceptive listings.


Organization and curation

Our aim is to keep the Restocks marketplace a place to buy and sell current releases. New products will be available to be listed the day they are released, so whether you missed out on a release or want to flip a recent purchase, you won’t be stuck searching through old irrelevant listings.



Lowest seller fees
We’re launching with the lowest seller fee of 9%, which includes a 6% commission and a 3% credit card processing fee.


Just as we did with the app, we’ve built this marketplace to solve problems we’ve seen with the current system. We appreciate every tweet, DM, instagram comment and email we got asking when they could sell something on Restocks, we wanted to build it, but more importantly we wanted to build it right. We hope you find it simple to use, keep an eye out for even more updates coming soon!


If you have any questions please read our marketplace FAQ here, and if you have any additional questions please tweet us @restocks or email




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