Making and Accepting Offers

We've introduced a new way to shop on the marketplace, Binding Offers!
We heard from many of you that the worst part about offers is negotiating with a buyer only to have them pull out once you've settled on a price. We've fixed that with binding offers. 


Making an offer:

Making an offer is simple, open the listing for the product you'd like to buy, and tap Make an Offer, enter your offer price (must be at least 50% of the list price) and tap Next. Enter your billing and shipping information and submit your offer. Offers are valid for 24 hours. Remember offers are binding.

When you submit your offer, an authorization or "hold" will be placed on your card, this is not a charge.

Your offer will be sent to the seller who has 24 hours to accept or decline the offer. 


Accepting an offer:

Sellers will see every offer on a particular listing with expiration timers. If you are not interested in an offer, you can decline it or let it expire. Once an offer is declined or expired you cannot accept them later.

When an offer is declined, the authorization on the buyers card will be reversed. 

When an offer is accepted, a charge for the full offer will be made on the buyer's card and an order will be created.


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