Creating an Autofill Profile

Autofill is the secret sauce of Restocks. Having this information saved in the app will save you minutes when checking out, and we all know how precious every second is. Creating a profile is simple.


Open the More Tab and tap on Autofill



All your Autofill profiles will live here. The currently active profile will say (Active)

You can have as many profiles as you like, and can switch between them at any time by tapping on the Active profile and choosing from the list.

To create a full new Autofill profile scroll down and tap Create New Profile

If you want to add or delete a name and email address tap Manage Contact Info

If you want to add a or delete a card tap Manage Payment Info

If you want to add or delete a shipping address, tap Manage Addresses



Profiles are made up of three parts, Your Contact Information, an Address and a Payment Method. When you create your very first profile you can enter everything at the same time. Once you have saved components then you can select them when creating subsequent profiles.

Enter the Profile Name

Select contact information (or enter it)

Select of enter an address (please note that we currently do not support different shipping and billing addresses, as most of the stores require these to match.)

Select or enter a payment method 



When you are done filling out the information, tap Save

Your new profile has been created and will be added to the list of profiles.



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