How to take great listing photos

While we only require that you take two pictures with your code, follow these few simple steps to make your listing stand out in the feed, when there are multiple listings all priced similarly, having the best photos will get buyers to click on your listing first!


Lighting- Try and take your pictures with some amount of natural light, or bright indoor light. 

Item Code- Write your code legibly and boldly, post it notes and sharpie are great for this. 

Contrast- Try and pick a background with contrast to the item you are listing. A black tee on a dark comforter will all start to blend together. 

Clean Up- Make sure you remove anything in the photo that is not for sale, do not include stickers you are not including in the listing, and please nobody wants to see your feet...

More Photos- Think of what you'd like to see if you were purchasing something, the tag? details? the barcode on the packaging. This will vary by item, but the more you show the better! 



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