Copping Supreme Drops With Restocks

1. Set up autofill from the Profiles page

One of the best parts of Restocks is autofill. It's the only reliable mobile autofill for Supreme (and more brands soon!). Once you get your personal information on the autofill page, your information will be filled in any time you're on the Supreme web store.

You can now add saved sizes on your profile. If you have a size selected, it will be selected automatically so you do not need to scroll through sizes.

**Remember to make sure your billing address on your card matches the shipping address you enter, or else Supreme will reject your transaction.**









2. Open the Supreme shop from the Profiles page

New item notifications, while helpful, may be delayed as Supreme sometimes tends to open their store early. We recommend opening the supreme store, going to the new item page, and refreshing the page until the products you want are released.




3. At 11:00am tap New to view the new releases

if you are on the page a few seconds early, you can press the Reload bar to quickly reload the page, try to be judicious with reloading the page too often, Supreme has been known to cancel orders when the page is refreshed too many times prior to placing an order.



4. Select the item you want to buy from the drop list



5. Select “add to cart”

If you have a default size selected, it will be automatically selected when you open the item link. Keep in mind for most Supreme items you are limited to one per style per billing address. If an item is excepted from this limit, you will be able to select a quantity.


6. Select “checkout”

The item has been added to your cart. You can go ahead and add more items to your cart, but keep in mind, an item in your cart is not secured until you checkout.



7. Confirm Autofill

Your information will be autofilled into the billing and shipping information. Quickly check it for accuracy, but we recommend checking autofill accuracy prior to the drop.



8. Agree to terms & conditions and Process Payment

Make sure you click the box to agree to the terms and conditions. This is the one item we cannot do for you. Click Process Payment to submit your order.




For some orders, Supreme has implemented a CAPTCHA, just solve the CAPTCHA to complete the purchase.


10. Order Confirmation

If your order goes through you will see a confirmation screen of your order, and will receive an email from Supreme anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours later.


11. The Error Page

Supreme shows this error for various reasons. Your billing address may not match your shipping address, the item may have sold out, or your card issuer may have declined the purchase. It could happen for many reasons, but regardless of the reason, your purchase was not completed. You can click check out and try again.



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