Creating a Custom Search + Alerts

1. Welcome to the Restocks feed. When you haven’t followed any brands, stores or searches, you you will see a feed of all new restock notifications. This is fun to scroll through, but you can customize your feed, so lets create a search. Start by tapping on the search bar.



2. You will see a list of results, you can scroll through and shop these results.

You can scroll through this feed for results. 



3. You can further refine your search from here. You can choose the type of alert, you can now filter alerts by shoe size, so if you are saving an alert for a shoe tap the plus sign to launch the size selector.



4. Tap on "All Sizes" to choose specific sizes to receive notifications for.




6. Our searches default to all stores selected, if you would like to choose to get alerts from only specific stores tap on Select stores.



7. You can scroll and choose individual stores from this list. Tap done to return to the search page. 



8. When you are satisfied with your search settings, tap save to save it.



9. You will receive an alert confirming your search.



10. Your search will now be listed on the Account tab. Tap on any search to view results. 

You will receive notifications for your searches from here on out. If you would like to stop receiving certain notifications, tap “Following” next to any search.





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