The Restocks Feed


The Restocks Feed tab is where all live events are listed in the order that they happen. There are currently two feeds, the “Everything” feed and “My Feed”

The “Everything”  feed is a live list of all events detected across every retailer we monitor. You can scroll around and discover new products

“My Feed” is a list of every event detected across all the stores and searches you follow. When you add a new search or follow a new store the events will be added here.

You can shop directly from either of these feeds by tapping on any item.


When you tap on an item, it will expand the details page for the item. This page includes the following information:

Product Name

Store where the item is listed



Stock Information (if available)

View online- will open in your phone’s default browser

Share link- will allow you to share a direct link to the item



If you want to purchase and item, click the “Buy for $” button, choose a size and the item will be automatically added to your cart. If you have a saved autofill profile, your information will also be filled in. You will still need to confirm the purchase, and no purchase is guaranteed until you receive an order confirmation directly from the merchant.


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