Following Stores and Searches


This is where you can manage the searches you follow and the notifications that are triggered when events happen. 



This is where our featured searches live, you can scroll through the most popular searches on Restocks. These searches cannot be edited, if you would like to customize the notifications from a featured search, you will need to create a custom search.



Tapping this will show you all the searches and stores you are following, you can unfollow any search by tapping "Following"


All Stores

A list of every store currently supported in Restocks. You can scroll down and tap on a store to open the store menu. Tapping customize search will open the Refine Search menu, where you can select sizes and more. 

Tapping "Open Store with Autofill" will open the in store in the in-app web browser, this is how you can shop the drop with autofill.





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