The Account Tab


This is where your Autofill profile and app settings live.

You can turn Autofill and Push Notifications on and off by toggling the switches.

You can choose default sizes by tapping on the plus sign, when a default size is selected, when you check out we will attempt to select these sizes first.


Tapping “Autofill" will launch the profile manager.

Autofill profiles are made up of three parts:

Manage Contact Info: Name, email address and phone number

Manage Payment Info: Credit or debit card details

Manage Addresses: Shipping and billing addresses

You can create new profiles by mixing and matching the parts without having to fill in the information more than once.


*Make sure your region is set correctly so the proper options appear.*

You can switch between profiles at any time by simply selecting the profile you wish to use, the words (Selected) will appear next to the currently elected profile.


Note: Any information saved here is only saved on your device, not on servers if you log out of the app, it will be deleted. We do not have access to any of your info, and all purchases are made directly with the stores.


Your list of followed searches now lives on the account tab, you can see every search and store that you are following, each of the items in the list will send alerts. You can unfollow by tapping "Following". To create a new search or follow a store please visit the Search tab.

The Open Supreme Shop button will open the Supreme shop with autofill enabled. Many of our users choose to use think link on Thursday drops instead of waiting for release notifications. While you are waiting you can refresh the page by tapping the yellow bar at the top of the screen.

To close the shop, tap Back to Restocks.

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