How to Refer a Friend to Restocks

Restocks is rewarding users by giving them a chance to win sneakers by referring their friends.

You can enter by sharing links to individual products from the product page or by sharing a direct link with your friends.


Here's how to enter by referring friends:

1. Visit the "More" tab in the app, and tap "Invite friends to Restocks" 




2. This will launch the referral dashboard. You can see the current prize, how many referrals you have earned, and a leaderboard of the Top 10 users.




3.Tap "Invite Friends" This will launch the share dialogue where you can share with your friends on any app you have installed on your phone. Scroll to see more.


4. When you choose to share, a messages will be created with your unique Restocks share link. You can send it or post it anywhere and anyone who clicks it and installs the app will count towards your total "Friends Joined"


5. Thats it! New prizes are announced every month on our Twitter and Instagram so follow us there for announcements!

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