Following and unfollowing products + collections


Following products is how you will get notifications when products release or restock. There are a few different ways for you to find and follow products in Restocks.

  1. Search- type in the search bar, tap on the item, and beneath the item description click [+] to follow the item
  2. Browse- featured collections contain curated products, you can follow the entire collection by tapping the [+] in the top right corner of the collection page.
  3. Everything Feed- the everything feed on the home page is a real time feed of all products being added or updated in the app
  4. Release Calendar- the release calendar shows all the upcoming products and collections, follow items for release notifications and early links


To see what products and collections you are following simply open the home feed, click on "Following X products and collections" This will open the following page with collections listed first and individual products below 

Tapping on a collection or product will open the collection or product page with more information and purchase links if the item is in stock

You can unfollow a product or collection by unchecking the green check box next to it


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